Putty Lamp & Paint Removers

We sell the Swedish made Putty Lamp called Spotheater 800K.

Apply Allbäck Linseed Wax with a brush before you start.

Environmental benefits are many!

  • Harmful paint remains encapsulated
  • Less dust
  • Less smell and smoke
  • Accelerates process
  • Impregnation of the surface at the same time

You can paint directly with Linseed Oil Paint. Heat the putty until it feels soft. Remove the putty with the knife. Clean against the wood with the sharpened scraper   ”Lillskrapan”. Warm again through the glass if you want to press up the glass.

With Spotheater 1000 you can easily soften all types of paint. It will be easy to scrape the surface clean with a scraper or special cut "Lillskrapan". This is a safe method and prevents the risk of fire.

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Spotheater 1000, Paint remover Spotheater 1000, Paint remover